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Antiques and Collectables

    If it's shown its available.

    Historic Fashion Icon Piece

Laminated full front page from 1980 Daily News about the notoriety and initial cancelling of the Calvin Klein " Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's "TV spot involving 15 year old Brooke Shields.  13 1/2 by 17 1/2  perfect for anyone interested in fashion

$135 Firm

This rare piece should never be sold for anything less than $135 and could be sold for more

Scroll down larger right hand column to see larger picture.

Early Photo Lithography 1880 - The Sheik's Daughter $275
A Statement Piece like many of our others


Cranky cats by Cythia Schmidt - Matted - $24 ( Many different prints available)


One of our best sellers, Hand hammered aluminum bread pans, with different sayings and designs such as "If you're lucky enough to Irish, your lucky enough". (Also Italian version) " Give us this day our daily bread" in 91 languages.  Many different designs with wheat, art deco and other designs.



A place for creators,schools,art & cultural organizations,libraries,and people that want to buy local quality art,jewelry & more.

Opportunities & Initiaitives


1. Peter Svoboda, CNY Artists Gallery Owner, and 7 time national award winner wants to know " Who Wants To Help Build the World's First REAL Creative & Knowledge Based Region right Here in CNY?

Read Our Editorial


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Take note !!!!!

   Summer Classes

         $20 per class

   You can learn to paint by following a proven method and with the help of our talented instructor, Kamiiron ( see photos in right hand column). Classes last 2 hours and it takes about 4 classes to complete a painting.     We can supply a painting kit of paints, brushes and canvas for $10 while supplies last. Call 315-391-5115.

We will be adding many more pieces in July 2016

Prints on quality paper done on fine paper many by local artists. we choose a few of the works that we feel have extra special value. Any of these are a worthy and special piece for your wall.

A Very popular print " Clinton Square Snow Storm 1939", on quality paper 16X 20, ready to drop into frame, Randy White,

The "Stroke at the Dinosaur" David Hickock, $35, quality print

Rare - Print of earliest known picture of Lincoln - $200 without the frme

Degas - beautiful large colorful piece  on sale Reg price $150 On sale $75

Degas a large colorful piece,a possible companion piece to the one above - reg 4150, on sale $75

Dream Horse - 24x 36 $450

Green Lakes 24 x 36 Oil $200

Onondaga Lake 1930 - 24x36 oil $325

Shakespeare - rare piece celebrating the bard with a famous line from each of 13 plays around he edges and the Bard's History in the middle, perfect fora Shakespeare lover $135

The Titanic at Rest - oil 24 x 35 $350

The Snake game - wonderful decorative piece of a game from the Revolution

Beautiful large decorative piece $400

Rare Beauty - a beautiful oil $450, 24 x 36

Framed Quality Print WW 2 Bombers Over Germany $125

VERY LARGE CivilWar - Vicksburg $165Rare Devon Print- Southwest Bicycling - Value $900- our price $300 professionally framed

Basketball for Breakfast Print
Shannon Comins - $45

Framed quality print by Ron Warford - $135

Original 16x20 Oil, $45 in our art start program, try original art, you'll discover its magic

Original oil 3 D Paint on Canvas , "Chuckie, Cereal Killer, Sir Quala. comes with 3 D Glasses $125

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hand made Custom License Plate Signs have been a winner for us. Medium - $39.95 Large - $49.95 Names. sayings, etc Order before we sell out (315)391-5115

Grader by,the late Stanley Oleniuech, 23 inches in length, fine detail and many moving parts These are collector items, not to be used as toys.

Large OIL Painting of Venus of Willendorf - 4 inch sculpture over 25,000 years old fertility goddess

Kamiiron Pritchard - $600.


Of Special Note Commissions by Kamiiron Pritchard

    Pet Portraits in oil on 16 X 20 

by resident artist Kamiiron Pritchard starting at $225.
        Face or full body, add yourself or another pet for $50/figure
      A warm and enchanting piece that will bring continual charm


Special Commission done for Peter Svoboda. "The industrial revolution 1750-1850 has always been special to me. This fine painting will grace the walls in my home. It is of the blast furnaces at Bedlam England'

D-Day 6th of June 1944, second wave, done from famous Frank Capra photo, oil on canvas, $495. Kamiiron Pritcahrd

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36, thick gallery wrap frame, "The Titantic at the bottom of the sea". $450  Kamiiron Pritchard

Portrait of 3 Children. You can see the quality of the painting done from the photo in the upper right. Here shown with our resident artist Kamiiron Pritchard>


                              Historic Fashion Icon Piece
Laminated full front page from 1980 Daily News about the notoriety and initial cancelling of the Calvin Klein " Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's "TV spot involving 15 year old Brooke Shields. 13 1/2 by 17 1/2 perfect for anyone interested in fashion. $135 Firm
This rare piece should never be sold for anything less than $135 and could be sold for more, possibly much more.


                           Below are some pictures of the second Gallery before I closed it on May 31st 2015. I reopened it in November2015 in our old location. 


                              Above are Master Works from
                           J.McGrath And Richard Williams
                 ( above these are paintings from our Words Project)



The painting above, Hillary appeared in Mad Magazine and was done by Master Artist Richard Williams, one of our top artists.  Mr. Williams work has appeared in over 1,000 books and magazines. His irreverent satirical work lampoons both Republicans and Democrats including John Boehner, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Arnold Schwartzenegger and others. Richard’s work has been graced many publications including Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Atlantic Monthly, Field and Stream, and many major publishing houses.


SPECIAL PRINTS FOR SALE 1. CNY Artists, Shoppingtown, a large framed artistic print of the Nimo/ National Grid nationally known art deco building, in a satin frame, archival print and mat, signed by the artist. Frame, 38” x 29”; print 29x19 ½. $485

UNFRAMED PRINTS - 2 SIZES CNY Artists, Shoppingtown,

of the Nimo/ National Grid nationally noted art deco building, archival print, signed by the artist. 30” x 20” $185 - 13 ½ “ x 20” $104 Call (315) 391-5115


1939 Winter Storm Clinton Square is a beautiful high quality print that has garnered much attention. Come see it and you'll probably want one. 14 x 11 $45


                             Basketball for Breakfast - $49.00

               The White City- Onondoga Lake 1904-1906 13 x 19  $200

     National Artist Richard Williams - " Barbecue"  Quality print - $200

                                   Our Einstein T- Shirt --  $20





Recently Sold - " Home is Where the Hearth Is" Truly a Masterwork, measuring 17 X 22, it took over 600 hours and skilled artist, Jaws. had to put in the snowflakes first on a blank sheet of of fine paper and then put in the trees,hearth and other pieces behind it. We offer several of Jaws pieces that range from $200-$2400. Any piece can be pointed to with pride and also carries investment value..


Candlelight Dinner by Jaws, took over 500 hours, another flagship piece by this master craftsman. Pen and ink on fine paper, $1800. These are the type of pieces that end up on Antiques Roadshow.

Taken in Nepal - Nepal Romance - gives a peek at today's clash of cultures where the hopes and dreams of the young woman wearing a Paradise pink t-shirt stands out in contrast to the traditional dress of the Nepalese culture. Measuring 9 1/4 x 12 1/4. it will be a special piece for anywhere in your home. ARCHIVAL PRINT $ 65. FRAMED $135


n Contrary to popular belief, art is not necessarily expensive and you can start today to build a collection that will energize you and your home or apartment. Feel free to call (315) 391-5115 with any inquiries


Featured Pieces

Hope by Ron Warford, 40' x 30 " Graphite on Black Board, Framed $900
Mr. Warford's work was selected by the Smithsonian Institution for a national traveling exhibition in 1973. He was one of the initial founding and teaching members at the Folk Art Gallery in Syracuse. His work spings from his imagination and is masterfully executed. Tel (315) 391-5115 for more info or to purchase. One of the presidents of a local art guild referred to Ron's work as  "master works" for their power and quality.

Strength , by Ron Warford. 20 " X 30"   $750.

Home is Where the Hearth Is by Jaws. This piece took 600 hours. Amazingly, to produce this the artist had to put the snowflakes  in first on a white fine piece of paper and then build everything around it. Think about it - this amazing work, and other pieces of the artists work can be seen at CNY Artists Gallery, which purchased this piece in 2013.

Photos of Work at CNY Artists, Shoppingtown

Pet Personality portraits oil - 16 X 20 inches - face or entire dog - thick frame $250


Dream Horse by M. Smart - $450


Wise Likeness Prints $47.50

Original $900.Framed

Ron Warford Binghamton TV

We put Ron Warford's Art on tour. Got picked up by Binghamton TV. Apparently TV stations in other areas know a good thing when they see it and supply coverage. Not so lucky in old syracuse.


 The Museum of Bad Art ???

This is the video by the Executive Director of MOBA, the Museum of Bad Art. We want everyone to see that because it is both educational and funny. When we show it to people, we have found they want to see it all the way through. Watch and learn. What is art? What is good art? What is bad art? In this video the Director of the Museum of of Bad Art in Boston Massachusettes provides a humorous and insightful presentation. You won't be disappointed.

Art At the Libraries

Robert Henri on Art

When the artist is alive in any person, whatever his kind of work may be, he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature.

Know what the old masters did. Know how they composed their pictures, but do not fall into the conventions they established. These conventions were right for them, and they are wonderful. They made their language. You make yours.

An interest in the subject; something you may want to say definitively about the subject; this is the first condition of a portrait. The processes of painting spring from this interest, this definite thing to be said. Completion does not depend on material representation. The work is done when that special thing has been said.

A human body bathed in the color of the atmosphere surrounding it, luminous and warm in its own color.

A thing is beautiful when it is strong in its kind.

ORIGINALITY: Don’t worry about your originality. You could not get rid of it even if you wanted to. It will stick to you and show you up for better or worse even if you wanted to in spite of all you or anyone else could do.

If I cannot feel an undercurrent then I see only a series of things. They may be attractive and novel at first but soon grow tiresome. There is an undercurrent, the real life, beneath all appearances everywhere. I do not say that any master has fully comprehended it at any time, but the value of his work is in that he has sensed it and his work reports the measure of his experience.

The very essential quality of all really great men is their intense humanity, and they all have an unusual power of thinking.

The pictures that do not represent an intense interest cannot expect to create an intense interest.

When the motives of artist are profound, when they are at their work as a result of deep consideration, when they believe in the importance of what they are doing, their work creates a stir in the world.

The true character of the student is one of great mental and spiritual activity. He arrives at conclusions and he searches to express his findings. He goes to the market place, to the exhibition place, wherever he can reach the people, to lay before them his new angle on life.

When a drawing is tiresome it may be because the motive is not worth the effort.

The average idea of portraiture needs reconstruction. When Rodin made his Balzac he made a great portrait. It is probably not so much what Balzac looked like to the ordinary eye; but it is the man as Rodin understood him, and I think Rodin had an unusual understanding.

He paints like a man going over the top of the hill, singing.

Develop the power of seeing the points of action; your keenness of sight of such muscular activities must be greater than that of the ordinary observer.

Let a student enter the school with this advice: No matter how good the school is, his education is in his own hands. All education must be self-education.

In fact, technique can only be used properly by those who have definite purpose in what they do, and it is only they who invent technique. Otherwise it is the work of a parrot. You can do anything you want to do. What is rare is this actual wanting to do a specific thing: wanting it so much that you are blind to all other things, that nothing else will satisfy you. When you, body and soul, wish to make a certain expression and cannot be distracted from this one desire, then you will be able to make great use of whatever technical knowledge you have.

Blunder ahead with your own personal view.
The question of the development of the art spirit in all walks of life interests me. I mean by this, the development of individual judgment and taste, the love of work for the sake of doing things well, tendency towards simplicity and order. If anything can be done to bring the public to a greater consciousness of the relation between art and life, of the part each person plays by exercising and developing his own personal taste and judgment and not depending on outside “authority,” it would be well.

It is a question of saying the thing that a person has to say. A man should not care whether the thing he wishes to express is art or not, whether it is a picture or not, he should only care that it is a statement of what is worthy to put into permanent expression.

We want inventors all through life; the only people that ever succeed in writing, painting, sculpture, manufacturing, in finance, are inventors.

We must realize that artists are not in competition with each other. Help the young artists---find for them a means to make their financial ways easier, that they may develop and fruit their fullest---but let’s not ask them to please us in doing it.

A man must become interesting to himself and must become actually expressive before he can be happy.

Walt Whitman seems to have found great things in the littlest things of life. It beats all the things that wealth can give and everything else in the world to say the things one believes, to put them into form, to pass them on to anyone who may care to take them up.

In all times, as in our times, the domination of the world has stood the enemy of the artist---the one who would live.

It isn’t so much that you say the truth as that you say an important truth.

Those who have lived and grown at least to some degree in the spirit of freedom, are our creative artists.
They have a wonderful time. They keep the world going. They must leave their trace in some way, paint, stone, machinery, whatever. The importance of what they do is greater than anyone estimates at the time. In fact in a commercial world there are thousands of lives wasted doing things not worth doing. Human spirit is sacrificed.
There is nothing so important as in the world, nothing so constructive, so life-sustaining.
Go to your work because it is the most important living to you. Make great things---as great as you are. Work always as if you were a master, expect from yourself a masterpiece.

DeWitt Library - Shoppingtown
CNY Artists



Blog Posts

May 31- Letter to Post Standard

 May 31,  2012 Letter to Post Standard

by Peter Svoboda

As a tenant at ShoppingTown Mall, I read with considerable interest the article, ''Town rethinks ShoppingTown's future.'' New ideas are always appreciated, as is help from student teams, and it's great to hear that the town is open to…


Posted by Peter Svoboda on June 1, 2012 at 12:16am

Natalie Merchant Proposed Contest

I think I want to have a karaoke contest at one of the local clubs to see who can do the best rendition of this song. Try singing it gently out loud to yourself. ( From Peter :) Click on the name of the songstress below to see what I…


Posted by Peter Svoboda on April 4, 2012 at 6:00pm

Making Up Edith Wharton

Making Up Edith Wharton

From New York book Review by

Francine Prose

Edith Wharton, detail from publicity photograph, c.…


Posted by Peter Svoboda on March 23, 2012 at 9:00pm — 2 Comments

Subway Stations Around the World

When I think about magnificent, modern architecture, the first thought that crosses my mind is buildings. My hope is that after looking at this set, you'll be stunned and amazed at the vast amount of beauty and creativity found underground. From Europe, let's take a journey beneath the streets to see what subway stations around the world have to offer...…


Posted by Peter Svoboda on February 22, 2012 at 2:00am

CNY Artists - Inspiration for Feb 21 2012


Sleeping underwater amongst marine life is something many of us could only daydream about. For some lucky travelers, this dream has now turned into a reality.

A little over five years ago, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island opened the very first restaurantr under the sea To celebrate their anniversary, the restaurant offered guests the chance to not only…


Posted by Peter Svoboda on February 21, 2012 at 1:30am

My Favorite Picture

The 3 New Maji



Robert Poorman, Conceptual Artist; Ron Warford, Graphite Fine Artist, Gerina Faison, Jewelry by Gerina. Their work can be seen at CNY Arists Gallery in Shoppingtown. ( Photo by Steve Nyland…


Posted by Peter Svoboda on January 27, 2012 at 1:00am

Help Build an Art Industry In CNY

Posted by Peter Svoboda on January 22, 2012 at 12:21pm

Billboard at Teal

This is a picture of our billboard at Teal

Posted by Peter Svoboda on December 18, 2011 at 10:46pm

Some Pics & Video of Gallery


Peter Svoboda is preparing a work area where an artist

will work on a 4 by 5 foot painting


Posted by Peter Svoboda on December 15, 2011 at 1:30am

CNY Artists Print Production Facility

CNY Artists Print Production Facility


After months of research and acquisition of talent and resources, we will very soon ( plan is within 10 days) start producing quality prints.

We are setting up a production facility - this includes a permanent photographic station manned alternately by two or more skilled  photographers, and we have a giclee printer…


Posted by Peter Svoboda on November 9, 2011 at 1:30am


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