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Antiques and Collectables

    If it's shown its available.

    Historic Fashion Icon Piece

Laminated full front page from 1980 Daily News about the notoriety and initial cancelling of the Calvin Klein " Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's "TV spot involving 15 year old Brooke Shields.  13 1/2 by 17 1/2  perfect for anyone interested in fashion

$135 Firm

This rare piece should never be sold for anything less than $135 and could be sold for more

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Early Photo Lithography 1880 - The Sheik's Daughter $275
A Statement Piece like many of our others


Cranky cats by Cythia Schmidt - Matted - $24 ( Many different prints available)


One of our best sellers, Hand hammered aluminum bread pans, with different sayings and designs such as "If you're lucky enough to Irish, your lucky enough". (Also Italian version) " Give us this day our daily bread" in 91 languages.  Many different designs with wheat, art deco and other designs.



A place for creators,schools,art & cultural organizations,libraries,and people that want to buy local quality art,jewelry & more.

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 Travis Feldman The photo on the right is the Tian TanBuddha – it is a photoI took while visiting my sister in Hong Kong.It is claimed to be the largest outdoor seated bronzeBuddha in theworld. Seeing it up close and in person was amagnificentexperience. It was breathtaking to see somethingconsidered sosacred, and the reverence paid it awe inspiring. I amcurrently acollege student studying in New York City.  Theprices persize are as follows: 4x6 - $7.00; 5x7 - $10.00;8x10 -$13.00;11x14- $17.00
Contact Travis at






Tim Louer I'm 18 years old and lookingto make a name for myself in the Central New York area. I'mcurrently studying architecture at Onondaga Community College butphotography has always been a passion of mine. I have much morework and I do creative custom orders as well. All of my photoprices are the following and /do not/ include frame, but they doinclude the matte. 4x6 (with a 5x7 matte) $5; 5x7 (with an 8x10matte) $10; 8x10 (with an 11x14 matte) $20; 11x14 poster size (with16x20 matte) $30;
(315) 263-1396 Email


Michael- Into video, film, and writing.  These photos entitled Alien Encounters would make an interesting series of pictures in someone’s hall way   (315)- 422- 9448





I'm a professor of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University by day, crime fighter by night!  Ahem. Actually I am an artist at night and specialize in fine art photography.  My general interests are in landscape photography,  travel photography, and occasionally abstract art.  I also take photographs of an inordinate number of rocks....(did I mention I am a geologist?)

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