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Antiques and Collectables

    If it's shown its available.

    Historic Fashion Icon Piece

Laminated full front page from 1980 Daily News about the notoriety and initial cancelling of the Calvin Klein " Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's "TV spot involving 15 year old Brooke Shields.  13 1/2 by 17 1/2  perfect for anyone interested in fashion

$135 Firm

This rare piece should never be sold for anything less than $135 and could be sold for more

Scroll down larger right hand column to see larger picture.

Early Photo Lithography 1880 - The Sheik's Daughter $275
A Statement Piece like many of our others


Cranky cats by Cythia Schmidt - Matted - $24 ( Many different prints available)


One of our best sellers, Hand hammered aluminum bread pans, with different sayings and designs such as "If you're lucky enough to Irish, your lucky enough". (Also Italian version) " Give us this day our daily bread" in 91 languages.  Many different designs with wheat, art deco and other designs.



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peter picture


I have been contemplating how to get my artwork photographed. I paint with mostly acrylic and the flash always seem to be a problem. I did some research online and received some guidance on angle and such, but even in direct sunlight I am having some trouble catching the color accurately. I am debating hiring someone to photograph my entire portfolio which will be very costly to keep my webpage current or to purchase a camera and equipment that will allow me to capture my work accurately. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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Mari - I have an ACE in Photoshop and Calibrate my monitor on a reqular basis and whoever processes your images should be doing that to get true color.  I also shoot EVERYTHING in camera raw. Glenn is right, having it shot in camera raw is one of the most important things you can do. There is a huge debate among photographers about this but bottom line is, when an image is shot in camera raw nothing is final...the camera gathers every little pixel and it's not until you post process the image and save it in a specific format does the image loose pixels. THerefore all those raw pixels can be manipulated and corrected easily in post processing. Granted you can't just dump a jpeg out of a camera and have it a picture and Post work does take time but to me it is well worth the trouble.  The debate among photographers is that the "purist" say shooting in raw is cheating,,that the raw photographer doesn't take the time to make sure the exposure is right yada yada..well here is my take on that..I want to produce the best possible photograph I can..and because I do lots of portrait work and weddings I don't get a second chance to get that shot. IF exposure is a hair off or way off I can fix it. Now as it relates to your problem this is huge. Even shooting with natural light at a high f-stop on tripod your going to get a certain amount of glare, I would suggest that the photog at the very least use a luminex softbox on an external flash and bounce light off your ceiling. If a small amount of glare happens it should be easily removed using content aware fill in Photoshop CS5. OK there is my 2 cents worth

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